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Cake Recipes: Srikaya layer sticky rice cake. How to make or recipe Srikaya layer sticky rice cake is not too difficult. The ingredients to make this cake was easy to come by. Soft savory steamed sticky rice coated with Srikaya dough is soft and sweet. This traditional cake is not difficult to make. Combined of the flavors savory chewy and fragrant from Srikaya can be make addictive. Read recipe makes Srikaya layer sticky rice cake on this culinary article.
Srikaya layer sticky rice cake. Nusantara Culinary
Cake Recipes: Srikaya layer sticky rice cake

Ingredients :
- 500 grams of white glutinous rice
- 300 ml of coconut milk
- ½ teaspoon of salt
- 1 sheet of pandan leaves, cut into pieces

Ingredients for layer :
- 300 ml of thick coconut milk
- 4 chicken eggs
- 250 grams of brown sugar, fine comb
- 3 tablespoons of granulated sugar
- 50 grams of wheat flour
- 1 tablespoon of cornstarch
- ½ teaspoon of vanilla powder

How to cook Srikaya layer sticky rice cake :
1. Steamed until half cooked. Lift.
2. Boil coconut milk, salt, and pandan leaves.
3. Pour into a sticky, stirring constantly until the coconut milk is depleted due sucked by the sticky rice.
4. Steamed in a steamer until cooked. Lift.
5. While still warm, flattened in a rectangular baking dish with a solidified.

How to cultivate the layer of Srikaya layer sticky rice cake :
1. Coconut milk and eggs blended until smooth.
2. Add other ingredients, mix well to dissolve sugar, then filtered.
3. The entire surface of sticky rice pierced with a fork.
4. Pour the layer dough onto to the surface of sticky rice.
5. Then steamed use the hot steamer (wrap the lid with a clean cloth napkin) for 30 minutes until cooked.
6. Remove and let cool.
7. Cut into pieces and serve.

For 20 pieces.

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