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Indonesia recipes: Pukis Cake (Kue Pukis). In Indonesia, Pukis Cake (Kue Pukis) often sold in many places. In fact, easy to cook. We can present the Pukis Cake (Kue Pukis) on numerous occasions. For example, served on family outings. If you do not know how to make it, just learn one way or cooking recipes Pukis Cake (Kue Pukis) on this culinary article.
Pukis Cake (Kue Pukis). Nusantara Culinary
Pukis Cake (Kue Pukis).
Cooking Recipes: Pukis Cake (Kue Pukis)

Ingredients A :
- 30 grams of Fermipan (instant yeast)
- 200 grams of wheat flour
- 250 milliliters of water
- 50 grams of sugar
(All of the ingredients mixed together, then leave for 15 minutes)

Ingredients B :
- 12 eggs, yellow part only
- 8 eggs, white part only
- 600 grams of sugar

Ingredients C :
- 600 grams of wheat flour
- 1400 ml coconut milk, cooked until done, then chill
- 300 grams of butter, melted

How to cook Pukis Cake (Kue Pukis) :
1. Beat the Ingredients B until thick, then enter the Ingredients A, and then enter the Ingredients C bit by bit alternately while continuing to be shaken. Lastly, enter the melted butter.
2. Allow 30 minutes, then printed.
3. The first print smeared with butter, and later not smeared with butter again.
4. Stir every want to cook, over medium heat, batter do not get too full.
5. At the top of the dough can be added to chocolate, meises, or cheese to taste.

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